Film Review: The Lady of Heaven

Alert: there are tons of spoilers in the post. Got an opportunity to watch the recently released film The Lady of Heaven. Given the $15 million spent on it, I was hoping for something far better and meaningful in terms of storytelling. Unfortunately, this film didn’t really live up to the – relatively low – … Read more

Netflix’s Messiah: A Review

IN HIS NAME MESSIAH (THE IRANIAN CONNECTION) By Zahir Davdani There is no doubt that the Netflix series Messiah will be considered blasphemous amongst mainstream Christians and Muslims alike, given its outright bypassing of religious doctrine and laws, such as the divinity of Jesus in the Christian tradition and the absence of performance of the … Read more

Problems and Solutions in Da`wa

By Bilal Muhammad Originally written in October of 2016 While we start any da`wa project, it is important to understand our environment. A da`i should not just comprehend this religion, but should have a grounded understanding of the history of Western civilization (its Greco-Roman and barbarian roots, Christendom, the Enlightenment, Westphalia, the Renaissance, the French … Read more

Short Course: Introduction to Ḥadīth Sciences (Summer 2018)

As the Orientalist and civil servant Sir William Muir (1819–1905) served in India for the British government, it was not long before he realized the significance of Prophet Muhammad’s (p) sunnah for the day-to-day practice of Islam for the Muslims. Much of the sunnah is derived from the ḥadīth literature which constitutes one of the most significant bodies of work … Read more

Book Review: The Lives of Muhammad by Kecia Ali

The Lives of Muhammad by Kecia Ali, is essentially a historiography describing how the life of the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] has been written over the centuries. It was an innovative, yet easy to read book where the author attempts to take the reader on a journey through the various biographies written on the Prophet, often complemented by a thematic approach – whether it be discussing his multiple wives, or his marriage to the young Ayesha. While reading this work, it often reminded me of Jonathon Brown’s Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet’s Legacy.


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The Devil’s Double [Book Review]

This non-fiction book by Latif Yahia is actually a really old one, published originally in 1992 in Arabic and later published in English in 2010. It’s an autobiographical account of the author who lived during Saddam Hussein’s regime and was entrusted (read: forced) with the task of being his son’s (Uday Hussein) body double. The … Read more

The Periodic Table of Islam [Infographic]

Recently at work, creating information graphics (infographics) has been a fun way to do some marketing for our clients. Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge and are a fun way to disseminate information. During some research I was doing I found a series of infographics done based off the famous periodic table … Read more