Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi

The Correct Method for Studying Philosophy – Ayatullah Ramazani

Translator’s Intro When I first got to the hawzah, I remember jumping around from teacher to teacher, looking for advice regarding the best strategy and plan on how to tackle my future studies.  I’m certain that most other hawzah students did the same when they first arrived and incoming students are still desperately seeking guidance … Read more

Levels of God-Awareness | Part 3 – From God-Awareness to Self-Awareness & Its Psychological Effects

Chapter 2 – Levels of God-Awareness & its Psychological Effects Awareness is one of the most sophisticated, elevated, and complex concepts within the human lexicon.  According to Shaheed Mutahhari (q) and Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi (h), knowledge and awareness together make up the core essence of a human being.  Human perfection is dependent upon this constant … Read more

God-Awareness & its Role in Man’s Life | Part 2 – From God-Awareness to Self-Awareness & Its Psychological Effects

Read Part 1 here. God-Awareness & its Role in Man’s Life The Importance of God-Awareness in Man’s life Human beings have an intense connection with God.  We have presential knowledge of Him.  Our soul is divine.  Our theomorphic nature (fiṭrah) has been formed, shaped, and molded by Him.  We are inclined towards Him.  Ayatullah Misbah … Read more

From God-Awareness to Self-Awareness & Its Psychological Effects | Part 1

By Mas’ūd Nūr ‘Alīzādeh Edited by Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi The following is the 1st part of a series of translations of the book From God-Awareness to Self-Awareness & Its Psychological Effects By Mas’ūd Nūr ‘Alīzādeh.  I have made certain edits, omissions, and additions where I felt appropriate.  These edits have not been reflected in … Read more

The Need for Intellectual Sciences | Ayatullah Ghulam Reza Fayyazi

Translated by Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi Religion is not just [a set of] rules. The rulings themselves are only useful for someone who has a correct belief system. Otherwise, with an incorrect system of beliefs, none of these rules have any special value, even if performed perfectly. In addition, if someone has [an incorrect understanding] of … Read more

How to do Tawheed Better

By Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi The way Tawheed exists in the minds of Muslims can be broken down into 2 types.  The 1st type is a concept so simple, so undemanding, and so uncomplicated, that it becomes ‘childish’.  Think about it.  Isn’t that the 1st thing we teach our kids or were taught by our … Read more

Creation, Eternity, and Modern Cosmology: A Critique of Dr. Hawking’s Views

Compiled by: Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi [[email protected]] When we enter college or the workplace, or any place in the modern world, we are oftentimes pummeled with various difficult questions to our beliefs.  It can be tough sometimes to maintain our identity in the face of these attacks.  Without satisfactory answers and replies to these objections, … Read more