Abu Dujana

The German Orientalist & the Prophetic Hadith

I recently came across a book in Urdu called ‘Islāmi Dāstānein’ which is a translation of the Farsi original written by Ali Redha Murtadhawi Karuni and translated by the late Muhammad Fadhl Haq. The book attempts to gather all the different moral anecdotes and stories that have been mentioned by the late Ayatullah Shaheed Mutahhari … Read more

From Taqleedi Ilm al-Rijal to Ijtihadi Ilm al-Rijal

What follows is a translation of some of the conclusions reached by Sheikh Haider Hobbollah in his Rijāli discussions whereby he discusses the obstacles in reaching intellectually sounds conclusions in this field and thus proposes a paradigm shift in how we look at the claims of early Rijāli scholars. Our Opinion: From Taqleedi ‘Ilm al-Rijāl … Read more

Evaluating the Impact of Taqiyya (Dissimulation) On Shi’i Narrations

Below is a partial translation of the transcripts of Ayatullah Syed Ali Hussaini al-Sīstānī’s bahth al-khārij discussions on the topic of conflicting narrations.[1] Regarding the effects of Taqiyya on the written corpus of narrations, Syed Sistani discusses the various views regarding the extent to which the current narrations we have today can be attributed to … Read more

The Relevancy of 5:103 Today

At first sight, the 103rd verse of Sura Maidah seems to be talking about a phenomenon limited to the time of the Holy Prophet (saw). What follows is an initial overview of the various Sunni and Shi’i tafasir that describe the terms of the verse before describing what has been mentioned by the Sunni commentator … Read more