Where There’s a Pakistani, There’s a Cricket Match Going On Some Where

Hawzah students in Qum have no shortage of recreational activities available to them. Whether it be soccer, (American) football, swimming and even cricket. I hadn’t played cricket in a long time and as soon as I got a text-invite saying a few guys are playing at 7 AM in the morning, I was all down for it.

IMG-20130419-06673Though there are no cricket grounds here in Qum, you can improvise and play on concrete instead at parks and other open areas. Apparently there is also an inter-Madrassah cricket tournament happening too (not sure where they play).  We played the traditional South-Asian way as we came with a few electric tapes (in different colours), tennis balls, stumps & bails, and of course 2 bats. We were getting a few stares and looks by Iranians in the park who were out for their morning jogs and walks; perhaps wondering what on earth we were playing. Due to the awkward setting of the ground we were playing in, we had to use up all our past-experience as we dished out rules and conditions such as “if the ball goes directly on the footpath on the leg-side it is out; if it goes diagonal but past the light-pole that’s no run, if it goes past the garbage bin that’s 2-declared. . . ” which brought about a good scent IMG-20130419-06678of nostalgia for me. Needless to say, these rules always are bound to create a few ruffles as we battled out what should have been a four or not, but all fun nevertheless!

I bowled today after a long time and I am sure by tomorrow morning my lower back, arms and shoulders will be reaping the fruits of not warming-up!

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