Unity in a Muslim’s Point of View

By Azhar Mazhar

Have you ever had a problem to find new friends?
Remorsing the fact that you are different

People in this world think that we are crazy
Just because we pray five times a day, see

Terrorist, propaganda, CNN and Fox
Telling twisted lies, and truth hidden in a box

We should confront this front
Let them know we’re alive
We’re not going to take this bull
And these bag of lies

Murdering, blood shedding, and killing all around
If you cannot stand this give the terrorist a frown

We have to unite create world peace
Forget the past stand upon new feet

Now look through divine eyes
Tell me what you see
Do you think a true Muslim
Is a terrorist wanna’ be?

Now Muslims put yourself in the other person’s shoes
Now can you see what he is going through?

We are like different colours in a pencil case
We have to learn to live together no matter the race

Educate yourself don’t be ignorant
You don’t want to get brainwashed
By the evil instrument

We have found the solution
Have a Ginger ale
Just remember one thing
Unite and Prevail!


  1. oh wow sabika. Don’t listen to her bhaijaan, its sick. (BTW, you’re the one rubbing off on me :D)

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