Unite & Prevail

By Ibad Zaidi

I am sitting at home watching the 6 o’clock news,

When I hear about a town being vandalized by discriminating words and people are being asked to share their views,

Then I think to myself what is my point of view?

So I flashback to reality and think of the word unity,

A five letter word that signifies purity,

The number of fingers I have equal to the number of letters in unity.

When my fingers are apart my hearts freezing,

When my fingers are closed and take the form of a fist my hearts breathing,

Unity is our strength so why can’t we see each other and the world with clarity,

We posses this union ship and respect one another’s nationality,

Then why are we spreading discrimination and not taking care of our responsibility,

This bond is unbreakable I can say that with surety,

We are one big family yet we all still have a drop of uncertainty.

This Love bond held in every family,

Upholds the brightest light,

To guide us through another step,

A journey not a fight.

Time is flying by and we are drifting away,

What is the cause anyway?

Black or white, brown or yellow,

We are all sisters and brothers,

Don’t leave your family members,

Respecting your elders, mother and father,

Is all old news now, sadly it’s time for anything other.

When wars and bloodshed take place at any part of the globe my heart ache’s in pain,

Do you feel that pain?

I mean there is no sense of gain,

In fact isn’t this all just a scary game?

See, Unity is like this candle flame,

It keeps you warm and shows us our aim,

We are in total darkness without unity’s flame,

The state of oneness defines our name.

Everybody nowadays just care about their fame,

And don’t show any sort of shame,

We all lost the sense that in the end we are all the same.