Undiscovered Treasure

By Ariba Mirza


Sure, I’m being unfair when I say this, but obviously only one picture comes in your mind and it looks something like this: brown guy, huge beard, turban, possibly wearing dark clothes that are not modern, with snipers and bombs, and of course, they say the usual “Allah u Akbar” in the name of Jihad! This description has been carved into the minds of everyone and this wound has left a scar that can never be erased. When did this all start? Can anyone give me an act of terrorism? Two numbers flash in your head: 9/11. That horrifying day when the entire world screeched to a halt, the birds stopped flying and the hearts stopped beating as everything scattered into a million pieces. I saw the event through the eyes of a news reporter, pondering and re-checking to make sure that April Fools hadn’t come earlier than expected. The fire danced in front of my teary eyes, but I just couldn’t look away. It saddens me that I watched Islam crush into dust along with the ashes of the renowned twin towers. Before this incident, few had heard of Islam and today it is greatly mistaken. So, who put it in your head that Muslims are terrorists, who told you that they are all oppressed and are blood thirsty in the name of Islam? The answer is “the media”. It has brainwashed us and we have allowed it to grab our leash and lead us to ignorance. But I ask you this; do you really believe the propaganda spread by the American elites? Reject these outrageous theories because ignorance gives birth to hatred.

Do you not see the error in Terrorism? If I tell you that Britney Spears died, it is true that you wouldn’t believe me, and go research for yourself. Why didn’t anyone decide to contradict this false representation of Islam and tell the world what is right? It’s as if a huge splash of mud has hit the clean white sheet of Islam, and it seems that no ordinary Tide will do. The word Muslim Terrorists is a definite oxymoron. Let me explain: Muslim means a follower of Islam. In our culture, we greet each other by saying “As-salaam-u-Alaiykum” which means Peace. A terrorist is one who spreads terror, and I don’t see a connection between the two. Terrorism has no nation or religion; even vandalism (like graffiti) is referred to as an act of terrorism.

Love. Modesty. Peace. Unity. Justice.

This is what describes Islam. Why are we looking towards the misguided Muslims to tell us the true meaning of Islam? We should just turn to the flawless Qur’an. Let me tell you something; it may cause your hair to stand up, so brace yourselves. Islam strictly forbids inflicting pain even on the diminutive ant carrying food home to feed its family, let alone the innocent human beings. For a month if you ask your Muslim friend to grab a burger with you, their answer would be ‘no thanks’. We Muslims keep a fast, from dusk till dawn to feel the pain and suffering of those who are unfortunate, to realize how blessed we are to have the food served to us, and to live in a warm, comfy house. Our stomachs suffer the shrieking rage of the homeless victims. True Muslims are thankful beings, they appreciate what they have, and make sure they don’t let greed come their way. We are supposed to be simple, modest and kind. There in front of the Holy Kaba during the scared pilgrimage, race doesn’t matter, neither colour nor wealth, it’s only the soul that stands in front of the All-mighty. Our book praises charity and states that your deeds will die with the man who you did not help on the street. You should care for the poor, the needy and it is unlawful to sleep with a full stomach if your neighbors’ is empty.

The truth of the matter is; Islam is not at all as advertised. Each and every accusation has contradicted the so called “experts”. So, do you still think Muslims are bred to spread terror? To me it is a religion sweet as honey, because it teaches love and respect for everyone. Islam is like a pearl, which resides in an oyster, concealing its precious beauty from the evil menace of this world. With the smoke fumes that rose from the twin towers, the universal truths about Islam are also evaporating. But remember this; the moral of the story is that Islam will bring humanity, peace, happiness and justice to the world…not violence.

Ariba Mirza is an undergraduate student pursuing Architecture, Bachelar of Science degree at UofT St. George