Transitioning to a Personal Blog

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I wanted to inform the readers of this site that I have decided to transition this website from a magazine like format to a personal blog. Initially when I first started the site, it was rooted out of an idea that we had at our community mosque. That was a magazine initiative that we wanted to launch online. By the help of Allah (swt), I was able to launch, run and manage the site successfully since December of 2009 updating it on a bi-monthly basis slowly moving to a weekly basis. However, due to a lack of time from my end and other projects on my plate, I am unable to recruit and follow up with writers on my own with the same amount of consistency in recent times.

Therefore, inshAllah I will be turning the website into a personal blog where I hope to present some of my own research, opinion and writings on various issues. However, for anyone who wishes to use this platform to publish a blog post themselves, by all means visit the Guest Post page and submit your content through it.

Just briefly about me; by profession I am an Internet Marketer – with a focus on SEO, PPC and Web Analytics. On the web, I am more known for my contribution to the online discussion board through my posts (from what I recall, I have been a member since end of 2004) and also remained Moderator and then Admin on the site for a year or so. However I have stopped going much on it since 2008. I am active in the Toronto Shi’a community, particularly at the Al Mahdi Islamic Center.

Finally, I would like to thank all the individuals who have made any kind of contribution to the website since I launched it in 2009.

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