Today in Kandahar

Today in Kandahar


By Sister Fatima Mazhar

A Canadian soldier died today
In Kandahar
He died today
A hero they say
A Canadian hero died today
In Kandahar

A hero you say?
Yes a hero I say
What is a hero you say?
What is a hero I say?
Why a hero must kill
To save his own life
And his fellow soldiers to boot
Little children are a threat
To a soldier’s life
A hero must kill them
A distraught mother crying
Over her dead baby’s body
Is a threat
A hero must kill her
All because he needs to kill
The father in the house
Because he might be a threat
So a hero must kill him

In Kandahar a hero died today
One of 130 they say
One of 130 heroes died today
Since 2002
In Kandahar

130 you say
Yes 130 I say
Is that few or many
I do not know…
130 heroes…
What work they had done
For the war to be fought
For the war to be won
Peace to be kept
Peace to be rife
What matter if
Take 2 or 1 life
Take out your rifles
Load them with lead
Bring out the suspects
Put them to bed
“Were they the Taliban?”
“Yes Captain Fear
They were bowing in prayer
And wearing a beard
A gun was not found
Nor a WMD
Just his children
Were screaming
And wife weeping a sea”

Killing defenseless
Weak men & women
130 you ask
As few or much many
20 so I think would
Have been more than plenty

A hero died today
In Kandahar
Not racist unbiased
You should be so proud
A hero died today
In Kandahar

Their assignment as follows
Start right tomorrow
Having a beard
Is the only cause
Freedom of speech
Is no longer a clause
Kill them, kill them all
It’s for their own good
Hate me they can
But love me they should
Shall I leave this country
They’ll surely regret
Who will orphan their children
Cause their wives constant fret
Start duty, block checkpoints
Why let kids go to school
There’s no money to earn
Wasting time like a fool
Why let pass the woman
When she is in labor
Health care is trash
Just go ask your neighbor
There’s no point to live
There’s no point to breath
A bullet in the heart
Is all that you need

A hero died today
A Canadian hero
Died of a blast
In Kandahar
A hero died today

In Kandahar


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