This is My Inspiration

This is my inspiration – By Mohsin Jaffery

Since the age of 6 he was a revolutionist in the making
He was studying the deen and conquering the inner satin
He was never hating, whether the person was Asian
Black, Brown, Caucasian
He was a man of peace and a man of patience

This is my inspiration

Born in 1902 in Iran
His father was murdered but he still remained calm
Was raised by a single that still kept Imaan
He taught people that Islam isn’t a religion of bombs
And that terrorisms vision is wrong
And so his faith was making him strong

This is my inspiration

People were being lied to their eyes
Demised by the governments lies
Innocents would die
Because the truth was a lie
But who will decide
What they do in their life
But that’s why God was on his side
So he stood up with his pride

He stood strong when he was sore
Brought a revolution and more
Because they had millions for war but a penny for the poor

This is my inspiration

He preached without violence
He would teach with his silence
Because he would think before speaking
Despite the age, his wisdom was never weakened
Even, when he was fighting the inner demon
With the heathens, it was knowledge that he was always seeking 

This is my inspiration

He taught us that we should never ignore our creator, since he never ignores us
Because what are we but slaves made of clay and dust?
He wasn’t caught up in this Dunyas greed and lust
He was impressing Allah, oppressing his nafs

This is my inspiration

He showed that you can be strong with a heart that’s soft
He said while we argue about our hands in prayer, the enemy is cutting it off
We should all be one, forget about the fame
We are all from above so we are all the same
Because at the end of the day, we all end up in the grave

This is my inspiration

He brought a revolution against the Shah in 1979
His words and knowledge would bring a vide through your spine
All the time, he would shine
He was so successful, because Allah was behind
All his work that was combined
Describing him through these rhymes
But at the end of the surface
He was a leader of principle and purpose

This is my inspiration
This is a leader, This is Khomeini

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