There is a Nation

By Fatima Ali

-There is a nation
with a population
that just wants to have rights and be free.

The people, educated,
have been subjugated
by the ruling government’s tyranny.

-They set out to display
their continued dismay
by protesting outside peacefully.

With no weapons in hand
they just walk and stand
to speak about their agony.

-They want human rights
they have not come for fights
they just oppose the king’s policy.

The people have spoken
their spirits not broken
yet there is a problem I see.

-With Tunisia’s unrest
and Egypt’s protest
there was always some news on TV.

But now with Bahrain
though bleeding in pain
there’s no mention of its tragedy.

-Have you seen the young men
with bullets in them
their lives taken mercilessly.

People walk on the street
then drop to their feet
being shot at for no reason, simply.

-Go read Kristoff’s op-ed
when he writes his friend said
the police are hunting Shia only.

And since the Saudis came in
the situation’s more grim
they have come for a hunting spree.

-Roads have been blocked
while people are stopped
from reaching the hospital safely.

Tell me how it is fair
or how one can not care
when one’s brothers are treated unjustly.

-Can you imagine the fear
has the truth become clear
about this continued calamity?

I think you should know
the oppressors did throw
bombs at the masjid, savagely.

-Here we had heard
a thing so absurd
the Quran was burned by pastor Terry.

But over in that land
so-called Muslims’ hands
treated the Book with no sanctity.

-The masjid of Umm ul Banin
is no where to be seen
on April 12th they tore it down forcefully.

Bahraini forces destroyed
with Saudi troops deployed
Masjid Al Watiyya, known as Qadam al Mahdi.

-The issue is that
there is a hiding of facts
the average person’s mind is worry-free.

But in this very time
that is the greatest crime
against the people, against all of humanity.

-Any person oppressed
who is in fear or distressed
needs a voice to speak out in unity.

Though miles away
I hope we can say
we at least doing this human duty.

-So let it be known
let brotherhood be shown
when I say now, that I am Bahraini

For the call to peace
and for injustice to cease,
Is the call of the heart of every Hussaini.