The New Updated Madrassah Al Mahdi Website

The website for Madrassah Al-Mahdi (aka The Institute for Language and Islamic Studies) has been updated. This is the school where all foreigners typically must go through in order to learn Farsi and also some introductory Islamic courses. The new website is very thorough and has many resources available, especially for anyone who wants to learn Farsi.

First of all, all the books that you learn at school over the span of 6-7 months have been uploaded onto the website. Alongside the books themselves, sample tests, audio/video presentations that you usually go through in class have also all been uploaded. This is a great resource, especially if you are attending the school and for some reason have to leave for a short while, you can still study while you are away and won’t miss much once you are back. Also, if anyone is preparing to attend the school they can even start skimming or studying through the books before-hand and be better prepared.

All 7 Farsi books with their 20 lessons plus extra material can be accessed over here. Sample tests for all the books can be downloaded over here – the tests include samples of mid-terms, finals and as well as dictation tests. There is also a decent chart with many Farsi verbs in their different tenses available here for download.

Besides Farsi, the website will soon have Arabic material as well which is also taught in the Madrassah. In regards to the Tamhidiyah program, those books and material can be accessed over here. They only have the Sarf and Nahw book materials uploaded so far, however they will soon be uploading the rest of the course material as well (Aqaid, Fiqh etc.).

4 thoughts on “The New Updated Madrassah Al Mahdi Website

  • Some notes for anybody wanting to use the website to learn Farsi:

    There’s hardly anything on this site for Book 1. In fact lesson 6 and 14 that have resources in Book 1 on the website are actually there by mistake, they’re supposed to be in Book 2. The only thing on the website for Book 1 is the ‘dars kumake amoozash’ which has a lot of clips.

    This is because Book 1 doesn’t have a structured 20 lessons like the other books. It just focuses on pronunciation and lots of vocabulary – words are taught for each letter in the alphabet, some beginning with fatha some with kasra some with damma etc. There is also a little bit about forming simple sentences and learning some words like ‘een’ vs ‘aan’ (this/that), ‘daaram/daaree/daarad’ (i have, you have, he/it has).

    Book 2 has 20 lessons with each with lots of vocabulary (including some verbs in the present tense), some grammar rules, and a reading.

    If you are really interested in learning it would help if you can get a copy of the books.

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