The Inconvenient Truth

inconv_truthThe Inconvenient Truth
By Shayan Mehdi

Day by day we hear in the news all of the catastrophic events happening right in front of our eyes.  All ranging from the swine flu epidemic, terrorist attacks committed by the Taliban/Al-Qaeda to the growing implications of President Obama’s broken promises.  How far has civilization progressed since the advent of the wheel? Are we no better than the savages who would brutally bury their newborn daughters from the early times of historic Arabia or the fanatical Church burning innocent women and daughters at the stake for allegedly being witches? Some may say that the present advancements in nuclear technology and nanotechnology is a sure sign for progress, but as history dictates technology is not the answer but the persons wielding it. One of the most powerful and richest nations today is none other than the United States of America with an estimated sum of 14.41 trillion dollars.  An estimated expenditure of over $600 billion dollars on the military alone in 2008 leaves a huge question mark as to why this couldn’t have been spent on saving lives through healthcare as opposed to military warfare.  Is this the desired progression of mankind which will help solve problems or create newer ones?

Adding on to the misery with the war on terror we get bombarded with a whole new crisis of the swine flu. What is really perplexing is how we the citizens respond like sheep whenever Fox News tells us to be afraid. Truth be told, the media today is really an owned franchise of the major corporations running it.  It is a scientific fact that the most efficient way for someone to respond to an issue is by raw fear and emotion.  Whenever a person hears about ‘swine flu’ day in and day out on the radio or the news people begin to be afraid and start to worry.  What happens next, the people beg for vaccines and this is when the Government makes its move.  One of the surprising stories which people never hear is of the growing side effects of the flu shot.  There are surprisingly high amounts of mercury on the flu shot which results in the degeneration of nerve cells which can ultimate cause a neurological condition called the Guillain-Barre Syndrome which leaves a person in full paralysis.  What we never hear over the news are these cases, surprisingly there are growing accounts of these cases and there have been hundreds of cases of this condition since the administration of the H1N1 vaccination program.  If you ask why the media would not report this, let’s ask who controls the media in the West and the answer is the major corporations in the United States.  Baxter Vaccines is the company in charge of making this vaccine; they have been involved in many scandals in the past and recently in one for creating tainted avian flu vaccines with live virus samples inside.  As swine flu vaccine demand grows, so do the profits for Baxter Inc., what many people don’t know is the fact that there are many top shareholding companies for Baxter and one of the shareholders is none other than President Obama himself.  USA has been involved with many scandals in the past. One of them which they will still not openly acknowledge today is how they recruited, financed and help create the Taliban regime which we see today.  During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1970’s, USA funded billions of dollars of American taxpayer money to various tribes of radical Islamic fundamentalists to help fight off the Soviets.  All forms of ammunition, guns and armament were provided by none other than the Americans.  What many Americans don’t seem to realize today is the fact that their Government aided Osamah Bin Laden in the fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher himself admitted to this fact by saying “the Taliban was a construct of the CIA and was armed by the CIA”. So what have been the side effects of this experiment constructed by the CIA, the Taliban have committed various suicide attacks, road side bombs, decapitation of foreigners, violation of women’s rights by denying them a proper education and a creating a strong resistance against the US coalition in Afghanistan which has kept the war further volatile.

The growing terrorist attacks in Pakistan are another cause for concern where hundreds of innocent people have died as a result of various road side car bombings.  The fact that even schools are not safe is another cause for concern in Pakistan where many colleges have been shut down temporarily as a result of these bombings.  The fact that I have family members who have been affected by these attacks who are living in a region of Pakistan where these attacks are becoming more common is a very alarming issue for me.

Ultimately, we have our prayers and faith in God which helps us triumph over these obstacles.  Buckminster Fuller, one of the greatest minds known to man responsible for many inventions and known for his architectural designs stated that we could help fight poverty if we only took out 30% from our total military budget.  It’s a sad day when greed for power and lust for money stands taller than peace, equality and freedom.  Maybe one day man will realize his true potential and we will see more flowers than thorns, more treaties than wars, more justice than crime and lastly more friends than enemies.


  1. “…we could help fight poverty if we only took out 30% from our total military budget…”

    unbelievable =/

  2. Unbelievable, that was a great article on how our world runs and how it is being taking over by people like obama, president obama might seem great, but after all the true conclusion is that Obama is a satan worshiper along with his fellow allies like bush, dick cheaney, etc. We have to unite as one to fight and terminate those scary days that are about to arrive. When Dajjal the freemason god comes we are going to endure hardships, but inshallah when prophet Jesus P.B.U.H and Imam Mehdi P.B.U.H the saviour comes nothing can come in the muslims way,inshallah he will bring justice and kill all these filthy mini-satans. Unite AS ONE PEOPLE FIGHT THE TERROR! Make it a better place for all help your fellow muslim brothers and sisters, we can do this we are the world

  3. im pretty sure you can search the web for all the points mentioned…i understand where the writers coming from because i’ve heard off all these ideas but never gave it much attention till now…interesting read though

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