The Historical Village of Abyaneh

Abyaneh is one of the most ancient villages that is still inhabited, in Iran – dating back about 3000 years. About 75 km from Kashan, this village is known for its distinct red colour since all the houses are made from the red sand that surrounds the village. Here is a short clip from Press TV showing the village and speaks a bit about its history. One of the other distinct things you will notice very quickly is the clothing both the men and women are wearing. Women adorn themselves in their traditional flowered white scarf with a skirt below, while men generally wear pants that look similar to the national dress of Pakistani (shalwaar). We met a lady there sitting on the ledge of her window who seemed to be ecstatic at the sight of seeing us and happily showed us around a bit. Though she was old, she acted very young and her health didn’t show any signs of weakness. She informed us that their food is all natural and the air in the village is a lot cleaner than the city (which was evident) and they play a big role in their good health.

The village is mostly all old people, since the young ones leave the village and go to different cities to live, study or work. One of the tradition of the village is that when these people return to the village for holidays or for any other matter, they will dress in their traditional clothing instead of what they would normally wear in the cities.

Below are a few pictures that I took (taken on 23rd February, 2012):


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