Textbook for Jewish Children in Toronto Promotes Hate?

While I have nothing against the Jewish community of Toronto and have worked side by side with Jewish colleagues at work, recent events pertaining to the East End Madrassah have caused me to create a post that further illustrates the double standards and bullying nature of the Zionist groups as well as the media. I hate to generalize here by using the term “Jews”, as this was clearly a campaign launched by specific groups within the Jewish community, but it should definitely provide an understanding of how it feels when “Muslims” get blamed for acts committed by certain groups within our community. The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) has so far gotten away with its well orchestrated fear-mongering campaign where it claimed that calling the Jews of Medina (1400 years ago) ‘treacherous’ and ‘crafty’ was a case of antisemitism thus implying that the East End Madrassah (that has had a positive track-record of 40 years) was a breeding ground for hate mongers and Jew haters. While this point can’t be any more farther away from the truth and sufficient responses were given, the media and other relevant associates even decided to take it a step further and tie the Madrassah’s relationship with Iran and its government.

Fortunately, some individuals were able to find material that is being taught to Jewish children in Toronto that would easily fall in the category of instilling Islamophobia and lead us to conclude that Jewish schools in Toronto are also a breeding ground for hate mongers. This information (and the upcoming scans) was not initially discovered by me, however I did take the opportunity to further determine where such material was being taught. Here are a few scans of some of the passages being taught in schools, including the Joe Dwek Ohr Haemet Sephardic School on 7026 Bathurst Street.

The book being referenced here is titled, 2000 Years of Jewish History: From the Destruction of the Second Bais Hamikdash Until the Twentieth Century. A preview of this book can also be read on Google Books, published by Feldheim Publishers and is being used in the aforementioned school’s grade 7 & 8 classes (the complete 2011-2012 book list can be read here which references this book – PDF file).

The Greater Toronto co-chair of the CIJA termed the assertion of Jews wanting to kill Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a “horrific conspiracy theory” and “blood libel.” What is ironic however, is that the same story (albeit from a different perspective) is being taught to Jewish children in Toronto on what appears to be page 43 of this book.

The text says the following:

On one occasion, after a Jewish leader had been tortured and executed, his sister tried to avenge his death by poisoning Mohammed’s food. While the poison did not kill him, Mohammed suffered from its effects until the end of his life, four years later.

So clearly, the Jews are admitting that they did try to kill the Prophet (whatever the reason be) – so why was it an issue if Muslims were teaching their kids the same information? Surely you didn’t expect us to narrate the complete historical incident from a Jewish perspective did you? Would you be willing to narrate the complete historical incident from a Muslim perspective? But wait, there is more:

Like Paul of Tarsus, inflamed by Jewish rejection, Mohammed turned into a rabid Jew-hater.

After reading that, it surely doesn’t sound like I would want to hate Mohammed and subsequently all Muslims at all! I kid. While words like “treacherous” and “crafty” are good enough to imply that a school which has been running for 40 years is built on the foundations of antisemitism, terms like rabid Jew-hater are totally fine to use against an individual who is considered a Prophet by thousands of Canadian citizens. If that isn’t enough, on page 45 the book takes a swipe at the Shi’ites as follow:

. . .the Shi’ites, who were rabid fanatics, rebelled and formed their own sect. Those Jews living under their rule in Iran and Yemen were called “unclean,” to the point where Jews were forbidden to venture outdoors in the rain, lest a drop of water that had touched a Jew would also touch a Muslim and render him unclean as well.

Funny how present day opponents of Shi’ism state that the Shi’ite sect is in fact a Jewish conspiracy and here we have a Jewish history book trying to teach kids that the Shi’as (that make up anywhere between 10-20% of the Muslim population) were rabid fanatics. First of all, can someone care to enlighten me as to when the Shi’as ruled over Yemen and Iran while Mua’wiyah was in power? The Shi’as were suffering far more than the Jews during the Umayyad regime. Secondly, the whole passage does a horrible job at clarifying which type of Shi’a sect this was (Zaidi, Ismaili, Ithna Ashari?) and during which century was this persecution against the Jews taking place where they were even forbidden to go outdoors in the rain. It makes it sound like it was during the Umayyad dynasty, when the Shi’as were not a ruling force at all.

And finally:

. . . While the savage beginnings of Mohammed’s sweeping massacres were often reflected by anti-Jewish legislation and vicious attacks against Jewish life and property, . . .

Does anyone smell all the hypocrisy here?

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