Tehran: Imamzadehs & Hiking at Darband

A restaurant constructed on the mountain

To wrap the Nowroz season up, we decided to travel to Tehran in order to visit the shrines of a few Imamzadehs that are buried there and also visit Darband (a village in the past, but now within city limits). This mountainous area offers a great trail for those who wish to hike, and also has an Imamzadeh by the name of Ibrahim buried about 3 to 4 km far up on the mountain. On the way to Tehran we stopped over at the grave of Imam Khomeini as well – it was pretty packed with a lot of people camping out there with their tents.

In Tehran, we went to the shrine of Shah Abdul Azim (a descendant of Imam Hasan [as]). The shrine complex also hosts the shrine of Imamzadeh Tahir and Imamzadeh Hamzah. After the Ziyarat there, we headed off to eat at SFC (an Iranian version of KFC) and thereafter towards Darband it self. At Darband, there is an Imamzadeh located up in the mountains. There are 2-3 ways to get to the Imamzadeh, one being a short cut, but very steep and really not recommended for everyone; one being through the chair-lift that does the hard job for you leaving you only to walk a few minutes up, and another route that is also available, which is not that steep, but a bit longer. We asked how to get to the Imamzadeh and we were told about the “short-steep way”, and thought that it was the only way up. It was very tiring and I was very dehydrated by the time I reached at the small shrine. If anyone does wish to go to Darband, I would recommend they wear shoes that will be comfortable for one to walk in jagged areas, with grounds that are rocky and not smooth.

Below are some pictures I took.






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