Speech by Syed Asad Jafri on Shi’a Killings in Pakistan [Transcript]

“The first message is to the mothers of the Shohada of Karachi and Quetta. Yes, our distance from you is miles and miles away but our hearts today, are with you. We cry along with you. Our men cry for your men. Our women cry for your women. Our kids cry for your kids. You may think for a moment that your young child has gone in vain. We are here to send you a very clear message: we will always stand beside you. Your sacrifice will never go in vain. As long as we have breath inside of us, we will protest. We will make our voices clear. We will let you know that your martyrs — your sacrifice will forever be remembered inside of our hearts.

The second message, to the government of Pakistan, the United Nations, to any and every organization that claims to be a humanitarian organization, you have proven yourself to be completely useless. You have proven yourself to be completely insignificant. You have proven yourself to be completely irrelevant and until and unless you prove to us that you’re able to do something every single time there is a blast in Pakistan, you can rest assured, that we will be here every single time. You can organize your Quran Khanis. You can make your statements. But when it takes you 48 hours to come to the scene of the blast, we have a big problem with you. It’s not like we’re asking your completely incompetent intelligent services to do anything. The groups have come out and said that we are responsible for these attacks. All we’re asking you to do is to do your job and secure and provide safety to the people of Pakistan. We want persecution. We want punishment. We want those who are responsible brought to justice. It is the basic function of any government in this world to provide safety to its people. You, the irrelevant government of Pakistan, have proven to not even provide the basic function of any government. If you can’t do it, then move aside. If you can’t even do that, the allow us to defend ourselves in the streets of Pakistan. If you can’t do it, we’ll do it ourselves.

The third message, to those perpetrators who are responsible for these attacks. Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you. You can kill our Ulema. You can burn our buildings. You can destroy our families. You can kill innocent lives. One thing you will never destroy is our resolve, our will power and our love for justice. One thing you will never trample is our connection to that Mazloom Imam, Aba Abdillah ul Hussain (‘a). One thing that you fail to realize is that you threaten us with death. You place Shahadat in front us and you think that we are going to run from the streets. You don’t realize that we are the followers of that family who were imprisoned, who were tortured, who were slaughtered, who were trampled, who had their rights taken away and they never gave up the fight. We equally, as members of the Ahl-ul-Bayt will never give this fight up. You can destroy us until you’re blue in the face, we’re not going anywhere.

You may believe that you have taken away our martyrs, our individuals but the reality is that every single time there’s a blast, you inject us with life. You inject us with power. You inject us with this resolve to rise up against you. You are a desperate group. If you are not able to come and talk to us on an intellect basis, if you resort to savagery and animal instinct to kill five year old children, then you are a desperate losing nation.

The last message is to the Imam of our time. Yabna Zahra, Yabnal Hasan, Ya Sahibuz Zaman! Understand that we are doing everything we can to prepare the grounds for your arrival. We beg you, we plead to you, we ask you to pray for our nation. Pray for our nation, defend our nation – these were your individuals who were your followers in Karachi and Quetta. These were individuals who were your future companions. These were individuals who believed in your Wilayat.  We ask you, Yabnal Hasan, look down on us, you are our Imam, you are our Haadi, you are our Wali, you are our Father! We are orphans without you, Yabnal Hasan! But know that until there is breath inside of us, every single time that one of your Shias gets killed, we will do everything we can to prove to you that we are preparing the grounds for your arrival. It was your oppressed grandfather that we remember every single time one of our Shias is killed.”

Transcript by Sister Mariya
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