Revert Muslim Conference 2011

By Jennah Heydari

“There was so much ethnic diversity, yet every Muslim stood together, strong and full of iman.”

That’s the impression left in the mind of one of the participants who attended the last Revert Muslims Conference.  The Revert Muslims Association has been helping new Muslims since 2005. They have an online forum that allows new Muslims to ask questions and speak to fellow brothers and sisters who can even help them to find support close to home.  The organization also hands out, what is referred to as: “Welcome packages”. The package consists of Hijab/Qur’an/Turbah/Subha and sometimes Salat tutorials and other items. These gifts are sent all over the world and land in the hands of grateful new brothers and sisters, Alhamdulillah.

This year’s conference is in the preliminary planning stages, the dates are October 7th – 9th 2011. The venue: Masumeen Islamic Centre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. There’s also the possibility of moving the conference to the UK in 2012, inshAllah.

The conference is not just for new Muslims, it’s for everyone, as it has always been intended. Although we set some of our workshop topics to help new Muslims, the bulk of our programs are geared towards all Muslims.  Our speakers have not yet been invited but we’re confident to have an outstanding line-up, again, this year.

Thousands of people revert to Islam every year. There are many reliable sources providing statistics that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. This has been verified by many independent sources, including CNN World News, World Christian Database and People’s Daily Online.  In turn the number of adherents of Protestants and Catholics is decreasing. People are still accepting Christianity but they are leaving it at a greater rate as reported in the New York Times.

We receive new Muslims to our website, daily, and they are eager to find resources and support.  Most new Muslims look forward to becoming part of the Ummah.  This conference allows them to do just that.

In Islam newly reverted Muslims often face some form of prejudice when trying to integrate themselves into the community.  Sadly there is a shortage of ‘open arms’ welcoming them in. Many Islamic community centres are governed by a specific culture group.  Sometimes a foreigner (new Muslim) can be somewhat of an intrusion.  The frightening thing about a new Muslim, finding an unwelcome visit to a local Mosque, is that it can leave a lasting negative impression and a fear of return.

Keep in mind that most new Muslims are walking away from so much. They have taken the step to become a Muslim, to walk the path closer to Allah (swt) but in doing so they have, most often, alienated a good majority of their existing family and friends.  When reaching out into the community it is our duty to lend them a hand.

The Revert Muslims Conference will allow you to reach out to these new Muslims, to all Muslims. Please consider being a part of this year’s conference and feel your iman soar to new levels.

Interested volunteers please write to Sister Jennah Heydari at: and ask about how you can help.