Reciting to Understand the Holy Quran

By Iman Mazloum

Ramadan is the month wherein the Holy Quran has been revealed. A miracle by the creator of the worlds, Allah (SWT). Should we not glorify him by reading the gift he has sent down for us? “Will they not meditate on the Quran, or are there locks on the hearts”, the Holy Quran, Surah Muhammad, Verse 24.

Every year, we cycle through ten, twenty “New York Times Bestseller Books”, we read them, enjoy them and pick up a new one, but how often do we spend on contemplating the Quran? There is etiquette in reading Quran, and the highest form of reading Quran is pondering over the meanings of its verses. Not just reading from the surface, but looking deep, verse by verse, with the help of given tafseer. Recitation and deliberation of Quran reduces scattered thinking, producing better concentration for your Salaat and daily life.

To reflect on each verse of Quran, should take a while. When you approach the ayat “Have you observed the water which ye drink?”, Holy Qur’an (56:68), you should take into consideration the many ways which water is used. How it is in life forms, how it is necessary for life, how it was scarce on the days of Ashura for Imam Husayn and the believers, how it is scarce in areas of poverty. How water flows across the earth, how it sustains life, and how it can affect the lives of people in floods, hurricanes, and disasters.

The Quran is so much more than the words on the page that we read, and hear. The Quran is a history, a guide and a truth. It is a reality that has been bound into a book. A person is protected by a few verses of supplication, and another is granted his wishes. The mere act of supplication brings benefits to an average Muslim, so imagine the benefits one gets when they inquire about each verse they recite.

Do remember that true understanding of the Quran takes much studying, and is better known to a person who stays away from sinning and does good deeds. We can only scrape the surface, unless we learn from our Marajah, and other Islamic teachers. Understanding of the Quran leads to acknowledgment of its splendor which then allows the reader to think further of how wonderful his creator is. One who attains knowledge from reading the Quran, feels as though he has left the darkness and walked into the light of the informed, and onto the right path that Allah has put for us.

Source: “Spiritual Journey of the Mystics: Etiquettes of the Holy Month of Ramadhan” by Haj Mirza Jawad Agha Maliki Tabrizi

A free online version of the book can be found at

Iman Mazloum is the Girls’ Youth Director of the Islamic Education Center in Houston, Texas