My 22 Favourite Muslim Memes (From ShiaChat)

So recently these internet memes have started to get rather popular on social networking sites. I have seen a lot of different ones ranging from political to cultural to just plain simple and casual ones. An internet meme is a concept that usually spreads virally through the world wide web and they are often times humorous. Though many also tend to have an underlying message attached to them.

Recently there was a thread on ShiaChat titled ShiaChat Memes. I don’t agree with the underlying message attached to all the memes, but nevertheless I found them funny. These are my favourite 22 memes from the thread:

2 thoughts on “My 22 Favourite Muslim Memes (From ShiaChat)

  • Loved article “our community”. I am a recent convert and have no community, nobody to talk to. I do have some good books and learning a lot online. This article helped me feel more gratitude.

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