Morality in Self Building

moralityBy Amtul Hussain

We are living in a society where one’s image matters the most. Why does it? The whole reputation in the community thing, I think it may be a bit overrated. Ok, I am not trying to bash the concept or anything, but what I do not grasp is the need to have a split personality.

A lot of times, many people do not like certain individuals, whether it is in the community, down the hall or even in the same room. When one does not like someone, they start acting mean and disrespectful when they are alone together face to face. However, what they do not realize is that these actions end up hurting people. Especially the one they are hurting. However, when everyone is together – meaning both people are present in front of others, the person who was rude to one individual is now acting like nothing happened.

I know, who am I to judge? But I have seen the problem of split personalities increasing within the community and something must be done to avoid it. As a Muslim, open your heart and take it as nahi anil munkar. If you have been acting in such a way, go up to the people you hurt and apologize to them. There is nothing better than accepting your mistakes or bad deeds and admitting you were wrong! Remember, as a Muslim one’s morality matters on how you deal with people.

Our ummah needs unity and if that cannot be achieved in our own community, how can that be achieved globally? Is this not what our scholars preach – to be united with our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide? That is never going to happen if we do not resolve our issues within our community first.

I leave you with a saying from our beloved Prophet from Nahjul Fasaha. “He who teaches good to people but forgets about himself is like a candle giving light to people but burning itself.” Ponder upon it and reflect on your actions. Have you hurt someone today? If so, seek forgiveness from Allah, and pray He gives you the strength to admit you were wrong. Then, ask forgiveness to the person you hurt. Inshallah through this we can all be better Muslims.