Month of Ramadhan Brings Longest Fasts in 33 Years

I wish everyone a blessed month of Ramadhan this year. Hold on tight though because we (North Americans and many other areas of the world) will be experiencing some of the longest fasts since more than 3 decades. In Canada, the last time the month of Ramadhan fell during July was in 1980 (and in the late 1940s before that). The next time we will be experiencing these lengthy fasts will be in the year 2044 (for those of us who will make it that far in our lives).

Here are a few cities alongside the average length of their fast (around July 20-21st):

  • Anchorage: 19 hours
  • London: 18 hours
  • Moscow: 18 hours
  • Toronto: 17 hours
  • Istanbul: 17 hours
  • Islamabad: 16 hours
  • Mexico City: 14 hours
  • Jakarta: 13 hours
  • Sydney: 12 hours
  • Cape Town: 12 hours

Please make sure to benefit from many of the supplications that exist and are recommended to be recited during this holy month.

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali:

Dua Iftitah:

Dua Mujeer:

Dua Saliheen:

Dua al-Wida:


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