Islamophobia – What Can You Do About It?

This post was initially written by another brother and has been slightly modified by me for the purpose of publishing it on this blog (with his permission).

Over the last few weeks, Muslims in Canada have witnessed a spree of false allegations by the Zionists against a Shi’a Madrassah (East End Madrassah) in Scarborough. While we are confident that the case against the EEM will be dropped inshAllah, a preliminary PR analysis (not done by me) shows that at the minimum over 100 million people across the world read, viewed, heard or were exposed to a very one-sided version of this story through TV, radio, print media, Facebook, blogs and other channels. Once the case is dropped, the news of it will be reported sparingly and as a matter of fact, will be positioned by the Zionists as a ‘weakness’ in Canadian law that needs to be strengthened. They will also continue to tread their path by going after other Muslim organizations through CRA complaints, PR attacks and other mechanisms. The whole purpose here is to instill Islamophobia in the hearts of Canadian citizens. Any organization who claims to be willing to live in peace and harmony together would not launch a campaign that inherently deems an organization and its members guilty of a crime (before the verdict) by going straight to the media and spreading false allegations and lies against it. Needless to say, materials over which the Madrassah was accused is being taught in a similar (perhaps worse) fashion in Jewish schools.

Ultimately, Islamophobia is rising in Canada at an alarming rate through a concerted effort by the Zionists and other Islamophobes. The current round was a PR attack and served its purpose completely. Avi Benlolo who filed the complaint is an expert on hate crime legislation and knows very well that there was no crime committed.

What are the effects of Islamophobia?

There are three branches of government in Canada. The legislative and the executive branch has already been impacted significantly by Islamophobia and it is only a matter of time before judiciary also falls in the same category. Islamophobia results in profiling of Muslims, detention of Muslims, litigation against Muslim activists, leaders, charities and institutions, discrimination at jobs and in immigration policies and makes Muslims second class citizens living in a climate of fear and intimidation. Words like “Jihad” and “Shariah” become tantamount to violence and are juggled around with in the media without any context. Once Islam and Muslims are demonized in the larger society, it becomes easier to declare war on Muslim countries and crush any dissent or protest from the local Muslim population.

What can you do about Islamophobia?

At least in North American and Western Europe, there is an Islamophobia industry supported by Israel and its allies. It looks for real and made-up issues and blows them out of proportion through a network of people with well-defined roles. Islamophobia is everyone’s problem and as Muslims we need to do something about it for the sake of Allah’s pleasure and for defending our rights and that of our coming generations.

Awareness – Educate yourself on this topic. Please realize that we cannot continue to have a religion limited to internal ceremonies. We need to come out of the four walls, recognize our opponents and become well versed about the issues. Here is a report published on Sound Vision titled: Islamophobia Statistics USA 2011, that outlines the rising Islamophobia within the USA and subsequently North America at large.

Unity – It is critical that we unite against our enemies. Two months ago a Toronto Sunni Muslim bookstore was targeted for selling Maulana Maududi’s books. Here is a story titled: ICNA’s Radicalization Continues published on the issue and you will find similarities with the recent Madrassah issue. It is absolutely critical that Shi’a and Sunni organizations join hands to combat this threat. The same arms and hands that Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini speaks about by saying: “We Muslims are busy bickering over whether to fold or unfold our arms during prayer, while the enemy is devising ways of cutting them off.”

Identity – It is critical that we instill a deep sense of Islamic identity in our children. Our children will integrate in the society as followers or as leaders, we need to make sure that it is the latter otherwise within a few generations they will not even be recognizable as Muslims. The ones who can stand for Islam are those that know and recognize the blessing of being a Muslim and are not ashamed or apologetic about their own religion.

Activism – We need to awaken from our sleep and realize that Islam is not just limited to maximizing your thawab through internal communal activities. During the time of Karbala, there were people with Imam Hussein (as), there were people against Imam Hussein (as) and then there were those who simply proclaimed their love for Imam Hussein (as) who spoke about him and cried for him, but did little practically to support his mission. We need to ask ourselves about the category we belong to today. We must become active for the sake of our religion and take practical steps for the pleasure of Allah (swt). With regards to Islamophobia, there are a number of initiatives currently under consideration, for example:

  • Establishment of a legal defence fund and supporting existing organizations like CAIR and MLA for Muslim litigation against Islamophobia.
  • Establishing a grass-root advocacy group for reaching out to the institutions in larger society and through PR and Media. We continue to complain about the biased media but do not do anything about it. It takes less than $100 per year to start a blog (you can even start a free one on sites like or, less than $15k to start an internet radio, it does not cost anything to start a YouTube channel and it is within our reach to start a small-scaled news TV channel. How long are we going to complain and whine about the media? What is stopping us from starting to put the building blocks for our own media?

It is high time that we wake up now before it is too late. Communities in the past have lost their identity, their culture and have even gone extinct. Let us not become a community on whom a similar fate befalls.

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