Invisible Logic

By Syed Mustafa Hussain

Love is an endless journey
Its presence breath
Its absence death

Love is a medicine
Pain, it can feel
Wounds, it can heal.

Love is free from time
It travels with pious natures
It grows pure features.

Love is a continuous light
Its shine shows the path
Its spark hides the wrath.

Love is a living beauty
It reaches to those who finds
Even in the city of blinds

Love is beautiful odour
It recognize logic
And prevents magic

Love is also a unique blank
Its incompleteness is a big philosophy
Its fullness is abstract curiosity

Love is not a learning subject
For which one has to go
Its inside, just let it flow

Love is a flower
Its fragrance in every corner
A peace to every foreigner

Love is such a lofty value
For this, the God said, all this creation new
O! Mohammad (PBUH) Just in love for you

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