How #TheMahdi Trended on 15th Sha’ban

After the recent success of the #ImamAli hashtag, on the eve and day of 15th Sha’ban #TheMahdi trended all over Twitter till it was seen at least in the top 5 topics to be trended worldwide. Though the hastag was being used here and there from the beginning of Sha’ban, it really started to get traction between July 4th to July 6th.


I decided to run a few trend reports to see how the Hashtag performed; below are the stats [from] for the hashtag for July 6th only (I took the screenshot around 11:30 AM EST). The hashtag reached about 21,600+ users and was further exposed to more than 95k individuals.

The top contributor happens to be @14noor and his Tweet on July the 6th was also one that was retweeted the most.

The number of Tweets made with the hashtag #TheMahdi up until July the 6th (11:30 am EST) were as follow [from]:

  • Past 1 Hour: 45
  • Past 20 Hours: 2,074
  • Past 1 Day: 2,121
  • Past 7 Days: 2,363
  • Past 30 Days: 2,521 

Below are a few Twitter members who received a lot of exposure & retweets on July the 6th for their Tweets.

Next up is the month of Ramadhan and hopefully we can bring attention to the #ImamAli hashtag again and disseminate awareness about these holy personalities.

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