Her Nature, Our Nature

By Mohsen D. Al-Ridhawi

We all live in a wonderful world, but most of us do not know what the exact reason to be in it is. Nourishing and Working is just a part of our existence. This thing we call Nature- is it friendly because it matches the nature of a human being or is friendly because we share similarities with it?

Well, to know that we should definitely put effort and initiative towards both aspects. Why is our present nature so convenient to us? If you look at it scientifically, there are other planets that do not react to human ‘nature’ because they are either not able to support the characteristics of human beings, or either human beings are unable to adapt to it. There would always be a difference, no matter how hard we would try we cannot adapt to their qualities and nature.

The present nature of earth is indeed compatible with the nature of human beings and vice versa. We and her match each other’s qualities, at many levels – be it through emotions, the way of life styles of both characteristics and how things are planned, either at a professional level or through natural selection. In fact, we both are dependent on each other, without human beings, nature is just an empty circle that has no beginning or end, and for us without nature, we are just a huge combination of dust particles.

This quote by Joseph Campbell really got me thinking on what made him say it. “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” – A lovely piece of thought that a person could definitely ponder on.  From my understanding, it clearly explains the purpose of being part of Nature. On every step, it defines the love and power it has given us and the attraction it has towards us that even for a moment it cannot depart us.  This is how much attraction nature has given us.

It really takes me back to thinking about the nature of a human being and their attachment to their loved ones; they cannot see them away from them even for a moment. For example, like a mother’s love to her child in which can be similar to the earth’s gravitational attraction and human beings. It can be seen as a form of love from earth towards us living beings where it attracts us to stay and walk, sleep, eat, and live on her; so long as we remain part of her and when we die it takes us back into her womb and forms us into a different life with a different meaning.

Only if we realise soon enough to respect it in such way as we Humans want to be respected.  Most of us have indeed taken Nature for granted, and we should question ourselves why? A simple example we can think and ponder on;, are we doing re-cycling to be good citizens, or to have a respectful image in society, or are we really helping Nature to set her mood right?

We as human beings should take some time out, for this Nature, in order to understand her and how we can directly relate our nature with her. The closer we get to Nature; various meanings of life would be put forward on our tables of “thought”.

In conclusion I am proud to be a part of her, and proud that she has held me all these years long, caring for me as one of her own. If we are willing to understand why Nature is a big part of Human existence, we can immensely figure out the purpose of our nature and why we even carry it with us.  These thoughts inspired me through the readings and works of different personalities who held Nature in their hands and took care of her in order for us to live peacefully.