Forgotten Today

By Zehra Kamani

I write down dates and schedule my time
For wasting a moment would be a crime
Incessantly working to achieve great feats
While easily ignoring the day’s simple treats
Life is no joke, there’s no time to play
But for tomorrow’s grand goals I’ve forgotten today

I look to the future, a source of great stress
Stuck in a world that’s stuck to impress
And so I hop on the same crowded boat
That’s headed for vanity and seeking to gloat
Surprisingly easy to conquer the waves
No destination in sight, not even our graves
Life’s unpredictable, we oft have no say
But for shallow values I’ve forgotten today

I fret for the past, for what’s already gone
And regret the lost moment when I could have shone
Hindsight has made the alternatives clear
But looking back only increases my fear
The mistakes that I am too anxious to face
Loom over and obscure forgiveness’s place
Life is too short, we’re not here to stay
While ruminating the past, I’ve forgotten today

Time is escaping, it’s always a shock
And now I’m that I’m here I must take stock
Today I can value my thoughts and sensations
The chance to revel in sublime creations
Each day there are large volumes to speak
Given this day, I can never be weak
Life happens now, there’s no other way
To learn its true meaning if I forget today

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  1. Mashallah Zehra,
    Your eloquence in describing the plight of many Muslim’s today is astounding. It reminds me of the quote by Imam Ali (A.S.) where he said “Do for this world as if you would live forever, do for the afterlife as if you would die tomorrow.” It is imperative for us to be able to balance the struggles of this world with the remembrance that it is merely a platform to test us. Thank you for your beautiful poem reminding us that as noble as our intentions are, we should remain grounded and constantly work to secure our position in Jannat

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