For the Lives, by the Lives given for – A Journey of Unheard Words

By Mohsen D. Al-Ridhawi

Karbala, Iraq- a land where history is read and written every day.   A nation full of secretes and beauties, holds its great significance, which links us back to the year of 680 A.D.  It is a prime source of peace to the global citizens, and the natives of its own land. What presents Karbala and the aspect of Karbala in our daily lives is what has been taught and given to us through a momentous Sacrifice.  A sacrifice which reads the eyes of a reader and hears the hearts of the deaf. Hussain bin Ali bin Abu-Talib, the grandson of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him and His Progeny) is what defined the meaning of unheard wounds of human beings.  The “Battle of Karbala”, that took place during the holy month of Muharam, has not only impacted the significance of oppression, but has given us a chance to read the emotions of the oppressed.  To be lost in its journey, one must understand the directions of where it will lead you to.

As the moon arrives
A new moon of the month of Muharram has reached its prime in covering the global visitors by its light; a sight that one must experience at least once in a life time. Sounds that can be heard by the sellers nearby add a soothing joy with it.  In a crowd of millions, a peaceful tune can be seen spreading around the bodies of foreigners and locals.  An eye-widening view of the hoard tells us a lot more than their purpose of the visitation. As you stand by the crowds, the feelings tell you a new story, a narration which explains the condition of one’s heart and its beatings.  As a visitor, there are many things to be experienced during the month of Muharram.  One of the lives of its aspects is to spread the message to humanity, which was a gift by Hussain; it can be felt in the air. As a visitor, what pleases your eyes the most is the unity and love, which writes the fate of the ones present on that land.  No race or sex has imbalanced life style during this month. Their aims are to reach one goal; to seek the purpose of their visitation.  The city itself speaks an unusual body language, which also attracts the crowd towards a different direction; a direction where we all rest our minds and hearts to.  The Holy Shrine of Hussain bin Ali is the epitome of their spiritual and physical guidance. While having presented its image to the eyes of a visitor, the boundaries of its surroundings, speaks various languages. To each set of ears, a new voice can be heard within. When the light of the moon reflects the dome of his shrine is when the lights unveil the darkness of the night; attracting his visitors to stay back, or wish to stay, until dawn.

Along the footsteps, various paths are to be found
As you get closer to the downtown of its own, millions are already there to welcome you towards it. While thinking of being lost amongst an enormous crowd, a new path can be seen that leads you to a new level of its own understanding.  Each of the bodies that are present at the moment, explain the story of their own experience. The toxicity that can be seen in the eyes of a viewer, projects the scenes that took place during the “Battle of Karbala”. To each on their own, creates a new biography of their feelings while using the sands of Karbala as their ink.  Being present there tells you what has happened in 680 A.D, must been worthy enough to attract millions of hearts towards one land. If you want to see the meaning of Oneness, look at the feet of visitors, not only they describe the strength of their faith in them, but the path they are walking on defines their purpose as a whole. As you stand close to the doors of his shrine, a spiritual essence can be felt, the chants of his name can be heard vividly, a secure feeling that seals the hearts of the ones being present.

While standing there, viewing the activities of the visitor, the most prime one is the procession during this Holy month. The procession has opened many sources for the people to study it and understand its significance. While looking for the spiritual aspects of the procession, many of the visitors are also proposed to the academics of the procession. Many have learned from it, handfuls have written its importance, but only few have lived it. The practice of lamentation is noticed at a greater aspect, which is a very significant part of the procession. This procession of faith has brought in many lives together and gave them a new light to carry on their own.

Reasons of Its Existence
Witnessing the spiritual and physical activities of the visitors, and their purpose of being there can halt the thoughts in a moment of time. Every act has a reason behind it, and every reason has a meaning beside it. One may wander about the question to be asked to self, which may leave them with unexplainable answers, but it does open the doors to a better understanding. Even though the land can be seen bright and high, it carries the memories of its beloved into a veil that has covered it all around. The same memories have become a message to the world, that all of her beings should study, and get exposed to. This is the same message that mourners and visitors carry when they head back to their home, leaving the memories of their own for the one who decides their fate. Karbala is not only an event, or a historical text that is to be preserved in books and to be kept on shelves, but it happened for us, a perfect aspect which teaches the purpose of one’s Art of thinking and living. It describes the word humanity at different levels; it gives live to the one who have lost hope among the crowd of their own. When seen one losing the sight of his beloved in that land, the sands of Karbala uproots the veins of the viewer and brings them closer its purpose. Every tongue speaks a new voice and every eye witnesses a new day. What lies in-between the barrier of those two is the explanation of the purpose of procession done through this Journey.  As a visitor, what speaks on behalf of you is the message given to us by Hussain Ibn Ali Ibn Abu Talib. Its purposes are no different than the purpose people seek in many other nations. This given message to the visitor is not to open their eyes or to cause fear as a whole of experiencing after life. It serves the ethics of life, the philopshy of oneness and to gain and regain voice against injustice. The lamentation not only teaches us patience, as well as to experience patience at its finest form.  The purpose fills in the missing meaning of justice that every human demands for their lives. This journey covers a great distance for the ones who forgot their directions towards the cleansing of their faith.  A land full of beautiful sight, with the presences of love and humbleness, that follows you and you become its guide has a lot to tell us than just to write on a piece of paper. The whole idea and understanding of this journey is to allow oneself to step outside the circle that society has pulled us back into. It delivers the context of justice which can be gained through spiritual beliefs and actions taken within spirituality.  An immense philosophy can be experienced within the boundaries of its message. A chain of heart trembling events, eye opening and a source of self motivation to gain each position by their own.

Amusement breaths though each other’s breath.
In a huge crowd, many funny things can be experienced, which gives a sweet taste to the purpose of one’s visitation.  Hoards of little children can be seen running around, in a very playable and enjoyable environment. This blends in with the purpose of this journey. When you leave your loved ones back home to seek happiness to a place where you are going to give up you comfort, it’s the crowd of these children, which constantly reminds you that you are on the right track. One of the most challenging and exciting events that can take place is when you are going to shops. Language may not seem to be much of a problem, but it’s easier said than spoken. If you look from the eyes of its cultural aspect, the crowd seems highly multi-cultural. This advantage eases the hurdles that one can experience, whether it is communication barrier, or lack of information on the area, love and respect is always served. Although, it does give you a feeling of a safe environment, there are various cautions that can be taken through. Being in a foreign land is not always the best option, but to gain something you have to give up the other thing. No nation is fully secured by their national laws, so the visitors take precaution from their surroundings. Some of many unwanted activities can be witnessed of felt, but its chances are just as to have a stack of coins in your pocket.

Overall, what one can experience during the journey cannot be fully described in a form of text, but a little from nothing is always a good option.  Excellence of being there really serves one an honour and carry on the message that Hussain Ibn Ali Ibn Abu Talib has gifted to all Humanity.

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