First of Muharram in Qum

The month of mourning & sorrow, Muharram has arrived and it will be my first ever time experiencing it in a different country after about 12 years. Even though it has only been one day, I can already tell that it will be a much different experience then what one is used to in the West. It is very different when the whole city, and the whole country happens to be in a state of mourning. You see signs and indications that this is month of Muharram essentially wherever you go. On cars, outside people’s houses, doors, in stores people have banners up, and of course in the places of worship.

The harram of Ma’suma Qum (sa) was all decorated for Muharram and it was a beautiful sight to see. Given that it was also a Thursday night, the typical program at the shrine after Isha included a speech, Du’a Kumail, Rawzehkhaani and Noha (Matam – Iranian style). At around 8 PM, the flag on the dome was changed with a flag that was from Karbala. Outside the shrine there were already groups carrying out their processions (Arabs and Persians) with flags, eulogies and even a whole line of camels! I took a few pictures tonight and they can be seen below.

After the harram program, I went to a place near the shrine called Fayzeeyah where I got to see Mahdi Mirdamad recite live and was able to record a bit of him as well. Unfortunately due to slow internet speeds, I am not able to upload the video on YouTube. Maybe in the near future if I figure out a faster way, I will do it.

Update (Nov 16th): I was able to upload the video I recorded of Mirdamad. I’ve embedded it below.

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