Everything Has Accountability

Another story quoted by Ayatullah Shubeyri Zanjani in his book A Drop From The Sea – Volume 2 [page 675]. The previous post was regarding his fearlessness.

This story has been narrated by many different individuals, one of them being Aqa Syed Muhammad Hashehmi Isfahani – who was a close friend of Haaj Ahmad Aqa and he was also the Imam of Jama’at at the burial site of Aqa Khomeini for a while – who narrates from Haaj Ahmad Aqa that:

After the demise of my father, I saw him in my dream. I asked him: How are the conditions there? He gave his hand a movement from up to down and said: Everything has accountability here, even this movement (of my hand). I asked: How is your situation? He replied: We crossed through this stage with the intercession and favour of the Ma’sumeen (as).

Thursday, 22nd May – 2008.

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