Comprehensive 3-D Display on Karbala

I was walking to the harram of Ma’suma Qum (as) yesterday and on the way saw this massive marquee where a large 3-D display depicting the events of Karbala was laid out. I was able to take a few pictures – I didn’t have my camera on me, so these pictures were taken from my phone.

There were two displays. One showcased the day of Ashura, and the other showcased the 11th of Muharram when the caravan of Imam Husain (as) was taken from Karbala.



On the left is Till-e-Zainabia, and the red in the middle is showcasing where the Imam was killed


The tents of Imam Husain’s (as) caravan




The enemies and their forces. The river Furat can be seen depicted at the back


River Furat (Euphrates)


Below are images from the display depicting the 11th of Muharram

The caravan being taken captives and put on camels


Another angle


Another angle


11th of Muharram


Another angle showing the caravan



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