5th Hijri Shi’i Inscriptions In Northern Syria

The contents of this article were published in the magazine Payam-e Baharistan, in spring of the Iranian year 1390, on pages 781-786. The original Farsi written by Ahmed Khamehyar, supplemented by footnotes and references can be seen here. This is a translation of the general contents of that article, but not a complete translation of it. Read more about 5th Hijri Shi’i Inscriptions In Northern Syria[…]

Tehran: Imamzadehs & Hiking at Darband

To wrap the Nowroz season up, we decided to travel to Tehran in order to visit the shrines of a few Imamzadehs that are buried there and also visit Darband (a village in the past, but now within city limits). This mountainous area offers a great trail for those who wish to hike, and also Read more about Tehran: Imamzadehs & Hiking at Darband[…]

Trip to Villages Surrounding Qom [Kahak, Kirmejegan & Veshnaveh]

Most schools are off due to the Iranian new year (nowrooz) so some of us friends decided to head out to the outskirts of Qom in some of the old villages that surround the main city of Qom. We went to a district called Kahak, which itself also hosts the village of Kahak in it, Read more about Trip to Villages Surrounding Qom [Kahak, Kirmejegan & Veshnaveh][…]

The Historical Village of Abyaneh

Abyaneh is one of the most ancient villages that is still inhabited, in Iran – dating back about 3000 years. About 75 km from Kashan, this village is known for its distinct red colour since all the houses are made from the red sand that surrounds the village. Here is a short clip from Press TV Read more about The Historical Village of Abyaneh[…]

Trip To Mashad from Qum/Tehran (via Train)

Just got back from Mashad 2 nights ago – I was blessed with an opportunity to do the Ziyarat of Imam Ridha (as) there. There are a few different ways to get to Mashad if you are residing in Qum. Rail, Road and Air are all available, although you may have to travel to Tehran Read more about Trip To Mashad from Qum/Tehran (via Train)[…]

8 Famous Mountains & Caves Referenced in Islamic History

As a kid growing up in Saudi Arabia, I have had my fair share of adventures climbing mountains and hills of all kinds. Fortunately, I’ve also had the opportunity to climb and see some of these mountains known for being mentioned in Islamic history in one place or another. I started to think of all the famous Read more about 8 Famous Mountains & Caves Referenced in Islamic History[…]