Sources of Nu’mani’s al-Ghaybah – Part 3

Click for Part 2 We previously mentioned that al-Ghaybah of Nu’mani was written before the month of Dhi al-Hijjah 342 Hijri, which was the date Nu’mani dictated the book to his student. Furthermore, taking into consideration that he deemed the age of the Imam (s) at the time to be around eighty-years while writing the book, Read more about Sources of Nu’mani’s al-Ghaybah – Part 3[…]

Sources of Nu’mani’s al-Ghaybah – Part 2

Click for Part 3 Teachers of Nu’mani Before we begin our discussion[1], it is important to mention that what we mean by the term teachers or Mashaykh in this discussion (or other discussions that pertain to Hadith and Rijal), is really extant. Essentially anyone who Nu’mani took ahadith from, albeit one hadith, is considered a teacher. Read more about Sources of Nu’mani’s al-Ghaybah – Part 2[…]

Sources of Nu’mani’s al-Ghaybah – Part 1

Click for Part 2 The Ghaybah (Occultation) of the 12th Imam is one of the most fundamental theological beliefs of the Twelver Imami Shi’as.  Three primary books of traditions dedicated to this topic, which have come down to us today, are in chronological order: Kitab al-Ghaybah of Nu’mani (d. 360), Kamal al-Din wa Tamam al-Ni’mah of Shaykh Saduq Read more about Sources of Nu’mani’s al-Ghaybah – Part 1[…]

Sulaym bin Qays: The Thin Line Between a Fictitious Name & a Loyal Companion

Sulaym bin Qays al-Hilali or Abu Sadiq Sulaym bin Qays al-Amiri al-Hilali al-Kufi (allegedly born 2 years before Hijri – died in 70th, 76th or 90th Hijri) [سليم بن قيس الهلالي العامري] was supposedly a Kufan companion of Imam Ali and some of the later Imams (as). He has been a controversial figure in history and amongst scholars due to the contents of a book which is attributed to him. Furthermore, almost all information and descriptions about himself and his relationship with the Imams, are taken from his own book and there are no other early sources at our disposal which even remotely allude to any companion of the Imams by the name of Sulaym.


Ithbat al-Raj’a of Fadhl bin Shadhan

This is a translated summary of an article written by Hasan Ansari, called Huviyyat-e Waqa’iee-ye Kitab-e Ithbat al-Raj’a Mansub beh Fadhl bin Shadhan (Actual state of the book Ithbat al-Raj’a, as attributed to Fadhl bin Shadhan). The purpose is to merely provide another perspective on the book, and not necessarily for the readers/researchers to reach conclusions.



Sincerity (al-Ikhlaas): A Pre-Requesite for Religious Speakers

Below is a foreword from a book that was partially translated recently. Details about the translation can be read in the PDF file itself. Download Book: Lu’Lu wa Marjaan (Pearls and Corals): Treatise on the Condition of Sincerity Required by Religious Speakers, by Mirza Husain Noori (d. 1902). Read Online Here. — The Shi’i communities in the Western Read more about Sincerity (al-Ikhlaas): A Pre-Requesite for Religious Speakers[…]

The Devil’s Double [Book Review]

This non-fiction book by Latif Yahia is actually a really old one, published originally in 1992 in Arabic and later published in English in 2010. It’s an autobiographical account of the author who lived during Saddam Hussein’s regime and was entrusted (read: forced) with the task of being his son’s (Uday Hussein) body double. The Read more about The Devil’s Double [Book Review][…]