Preliminaries of Reflection by Shahīd Qadhi Ṭabāṭabāī

Preliminaries of Reflection by Shahīd Qadhi Ṭabāṭabāī (d. 1979) Source: اللّوامع الإلهیة في المباحث الکلامیة by Jamal ul-Din Miqdad bin ‘Abdillah al-Asadi al-Suyuri al-Hilli – with footnotes of Shahīd Ṭabāṭabāī Translated by Br. Mohammad Anwar – student at the seminary in Qom ——————————- To think and reflect (correctly) there are certain preliminaries that are necessary[…]

Sincerity (al-Ikhlaas): A Pre-Requesite for Religious Speakers

Below is a foreword from a book that was partially translated recently. Details about the translation can be read in the PDF file itself. Download Book: Lu’Lu wa Marjaan (Pearls and Corals): Treatise on the Condition of Sincerity Required by Religious Speakers, by Mirza Husain Noori (d. 1902). Read Online Here. — The Shi’i communities in the Western[…]

Self-Conceit in a Flawed Opinion that Appears to be Correct

This is a paragraph translated from the book Jami al-Sadaat by Ayatullah Muhammad Mahdi Naraqi. In the chapter of ‘Ujb (self-conceit), the author goes into detail, first defining the spiritual disease and then expanding on it. Then he goes on to explain the different types of self-conceit a person can do and their cures. He splits the[…]

Supererogatory Acts Performed by Ayatullah Zanjani

This post has been translated from a book titled: A Drop[1] from the Sea which is a collection of papers and discourses on Shi’ite personalities and their bibliographies, written by Ayatullah Sayyid Musa Shobeyri Zanjani himself. His works, notes and annotations to some of the readings he used to do, have all been compiled in[…]

Wishing To Be Present In Karbala Sincerely

There is a book written by Ayatullah Mirza Jawad Maliki Tabrizi (d. 1924) titled المراقبات اعمال السنه (Al-Muraqabaatu ‘amaal il-sanah – Observation of the Yearly Devotions). Al-Muraqaba means to watch over, or to keep an eye over something. In Islamic literature and studies, it refers to being watchful of one’s actions and one’s soul and determine whether[…]