Introduction to Fiqh al-Lughat

By Aswad Anwar The following is a summary along with some added sources of a class I attended on introducing a method to investigate the meanings of words (Fiqh al-Lughat). The class can be summarized in one general rule, When attempting to understand a word, particularly within the Qurān, one must not pay attention to any Read more about Introduction to Fiqh al-Lughat[…]

Brief Look at the Development of Arabic Grammar

Given the role Arabic grammar has to play in Qur’anic and Hadith sciences, it is important for one to not just study grammar as it is generally taught today and suffice with it, rather it is crucial to have an understanding of its development and as well as a critical approach towards it in order for its further development and progression. These are summarized notes I have taken over time, describing the general phases of development of Arabic grammar. Due to the usage of technical terms in these notes, the post will be understood by those who already have a brief background in Arabic grammar.