Birth in Ka’ba – Poetry by Haaj Mahdi Samavati

This is poetry recited about the birth of Imam Ali (as) by Haaj Mahdi Samavati on 13 Rajab which fell on a Friday few years ago – before the recitation of Du’a Nudba.

Here is the transcript of the English translation:

Yabnal Hasan!

It seems meeting you is about to blossom

As its fragrance is felt by those awaiting


It’s the night of the thirteenth of the month of Rajab. The night of Ali-e-Murtaza (as)

Fatima the daughter of Asad stood before the Ka’ba

In pains and in the last moments of her pregnancy

Stands and cries before the Ka’ba

Sheds tears and whispers with the Almighty God.


My Lord! This recital ‘Ya Rabb’ O Lord! How much more do I say?

One like me, You say O Lord! How much more do I remain in pain?

Restless I am, in pain, in distress, how much more do I have to bare?

Ease this distress and pain O Lord!

Emerge my shelter

Look at my blurry sight, O Lord!

Show me my  way, O You my Lord!

God! By this baby who talks to me from my womb!

By the sighs of relief which either he sighs or me!

By the sighs of relief which either he sighs or me!

I am desperate my God!

Alert and in love

Surrendered to Your grace

By Your grace hold me

That this pain has exhausted me and Your grace its cure!


Suddenly the wall of the Ka’ba cracked open

I entered and the crack closed

she stayed in the Ka’ba for three days

they tried to unlock the door, it would not open

after three days the wall cracked open

Fatima bint e Asad exits with a radiant moon in her arms


The caller from the unseen cried!

O Kaba! Listen, open your ears!

Open your arms like an oyster to welcome this gem!

The light of lights is fast approaching

The speaker of Toor is fast approaching

With enthusiasm and love he is fast approaching

From a distance far, he is fast approaching

He is My dearest, his arrival is near

My crescent steps down from the east of My mosque

The word of Kalimullah has arrived

The doctrine of Khalilullah has arrived

In brief, I say he is the door of favours the door of the benevolent that has come to you

A radiant torch has now approached

The beauty of every exalted has come

To Walayat a custodian has now approached

Ali has come! Ali has come!


Abu Talib held the wrapped baby

came to the land of Abtah, was supplicating to Allah,

He addressed, Lord! This son you blessed me and in such a way


What shall I name him?

O Lord of the darkness, the dusk

And the glowing daybreak

Reveal unto me Your command, Your decree!

What will You name this baby for me!


Suddenly an emerald tablet fells from the sky

Written on it were these two phrases

In reply to Abu Talib


You’ve been selected for the choicest son, be pleased!

The pure, the chosen and he is the pleased

And his name from the Lofty Almighty will be

Ali – which is derived from Him the Ali
Let’s take our hearts to Karbala

Yabnal Hasan! Abu Talib took his infant and came to the desert of Abtah

Mentions his wish and gets it and returns happy

Returns the joy of his heart safe and in one piece

But Karbala – a wrapped baby went to the battlefront

But never returned to his mother

He hugged his Ali Asghar (as) – took him to the battlefront

Cried – If you don’t have mercy on me – Have mercy on this infant

Don’t you see how thirsty and restless he is

Those who have requested for dua

Those who have hopes

Hold on to Ali Asghar (as)

His words were not yet complete – Aba Abdillah ..

He suddenly saw his Ali shake in his laps


May I be sacrificed

A three headed spear severed the tiny neck of Ali Asghar

sliced Ali’s neck from one ear to the other

Husain! My Dear!

O God! By Ali Murtaza born on this day

Hasten the return of Imam Zaman

O God! By Ali Asghar (as) remove the barriers hindering his return

O God! Provide our needs and desires of this world and the Hereafter through the benevolent hands of Imam Zaman (as)


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