Al-Quds Rally in Toronto: Slap on the Face of Zionists

“Today you made history” ~ Zafar Bagash @ Al Quds Rally, 2012

Al Quds Day this year was held around the world as usual; including Toronto. Unlike many years in the past, Toronto saw a huge build-up of commotion by the Zionist extremists and also their media outlet a week or two before the protest even took place. The amount of information that was being distorted and presented, the amount of blunt hatred and intimidation tactics that were being used to prevent this rally from happening have never before been seen in Toronto. The Zionists extremists this year tried their utmost best, up until a day or two before the protest, to ensure that the permit that was given to the rally be revoked.

But praise be to Allah (swt), all their efforts went into vain when instead we saw one of the largest Al-Quds Day rally being taken out in Toronto. Thanks to them and their media-outlet (notice the singular) that ended up giving the protest so much publicity, that it attracted one of the largest crowds ever (approximately 3000 people), with people belonging to different faiths, races and sects. Rabbis (all the way from Montreal!), Sikhs, Christians, Muslims (Sunnis & Shi’as) – approximately 3000 people. It was a wonderful sight to see and by no means could one call it a solely “Islamist” Rally (whatever that means).

I carefully watched for a brief moment the protests of the opposing side. Because after that brief moment, I realized it wasn’t worth my time – I had seen enough. Present there were members of the JDL (considered a terrorist organization by the FBI in the United States), a few sour Shah-Iranis and a bunch of other Zionists. Some of the groups and individuals behind the propaganda against the protest were those who went on a smear campaign against the East End Madrassah, not realizing that Jewish schools in Toronto weren’t far off in teaching the same material, if not worse. It baffles me to see how low someone’s level of intellect can go. You can forget about engaging in any form of formal, sane, intellectual dialogue with them. Spewing filth, swear words, foul language is all they know when they can’t get what they want. Unorganized and with no unity among themselves they seemed to shout here and there.

One senseless individual even had a poster that said “Terrorist Go Home”, but in the background it had a picture of a nuclear bomb going off (which they didn’t realize was a resemblance of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima). Some chanted threats at female protesters like, “we will stone you to death”, while one old guy who seemed to be in his own world shouted profanity at the Prophet (pbuh). In the words of a police officer I was walking beside in the rally, “those other protesters were really disorganized”. Not to mention, they didn’t have a formal permit either and showed complete lack of respect to the authorities trying to maintain order. Furthermore, they tried to intimidate women and children (which is the only thing they are good at) and it makes one think if that is what their behaviour is here, what it would be like in the occupied lands.

In any case, it was indeed a slap on the face of the Zionist extremists who tried hard to prevent the rally, but failed miserably. Al Quds Day rallies were carried out in various countries such as Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom and in various cities within them. The increasing numbers of participants in these rallies from different faiths has really begun to show proof that people have simply had enough with the brutal policies and tactics of the Zionist Israeli regime.

I leave you with a few Al-Quds Day related memes!

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