A Subliminal Mirage

Mirage1A piece of spoken-word poetry I wrote, titled: A Subliminal Mirage


We’ve come so far through the realms of time,

Which now all seems like a mirage so sublime

From the time when the descendants of Adnan1, were held up so high

Flowing down, to a man of wisdom and might

by the name of Hashim, who gave us Muttalib

Through whom eventually, came the best of mankind

A sheppard, a trader, a loving father and husband

But most of all a dear beloved Prophet

Growing up in a miserable, disgrace of a society

But in it he taught us, how to reach supremacy

And as his message began to reach far and wide

Not owed to some magic spells, but instead to his own outer self

His time of departure came all too soon

And history began to repeat it self


Hundred-thousand were informed of Ali’s position

but forgot, they all did, comparable to Haroon’s situation

Adopted patience he did, with a pricking in his eye

Suffocation in his throat, his inheritance out of his sight2

It wasn’t those from the outside, but rather those within

Who troubled this great man, through-out his flight

And as the sword of Ibn Muljim came down to strike,

He called out by the Lord of the Ka’ba, I have succeeded


But how can this story end so soon

As Hassan was yet, still to come through

Woe on the covert spies, he was poisoned by his ungrateful wife

Throwing up his internal organs, in front of Zainab’s sight

Husain cried out his eyes, but the brother replied

There is no day like yours O my greatest pride

When Hasnain were helping their father during his plight

he without hesitation, uttered a request

My sons, let not Zainab see this sight,

O Ali, worried you were about Zainab’s cries?

If only you were there to see, when she sighed

From the heights of Zainabiyyah, on the day of the 10th

Watching those with swords, attacking her Hussain with swords

Until Shimr finally sat on his blessed chest with a load


And the mockery of the caliphate went on and on

Tumbling from the Ummayads to the Abbasids, both not sparing one second

The sons of Zahra, all brought down moment after moment

The poisoning of Sajjad, Baqir and Sadiq,

The solitude of Kadhim’s dark confinement

Ridha, Taqi and Naqi were too not spared

As Hassan al-Askari tried to safeguard

Allah’s final guide & proof,

to mankind                       


Lest we let this blessing also go a-sea

A test of turmoil, even greater, you can now see

But salute the scholars for their assiduous undertaking

Preserving the message of Wilayah, all sound and secure

For were it not for the likes of Saduq, Tusi or Majlisi

What really would have been at our humble disposal?

From the Nabi to Kulayni, and from Kulayni to Khomeini

The world has seen a significant tide

Although ignorance still prevails, of a deceptive kind


And let us be honest

this humble servant is now tired and exhausted

Many of us have been upheld, by the vices of life

So delicious and ripe

And so when God says to them to prostrate yourselves

They do not and in fact rudely reject

But what will they say on the Day of Resurrection?

Woe on that day, to the rejecters3

Because what excuse did they have then

to deny the bounties of their Lord?4


So may we examine ourselves to the point of scrutiny

As that is the only way to cleanse off our impurity

Put not the sacrifice of the martyrs, the ink of the scholars

In disgruntled decay

With the truth so apparent, so open and striking

Is ignorance really a vindication of our disregarding

of the requirements of the deen,

which has been spoon fed to us with such an ease

Yet no fear strikes us despite the unease

of the day when man shall flee from his own affinity


Hence, let’s turn to the Lord and pray for His guidance

accompanied by the scent of his providence

Because what we leave with is a piece of cloth

Wrapping us with delicacy as we enter the dusty froth

and a bouquet of deeds to keep us protected

and for an an atom’s weight of good, we shall see it

and for an atom’s weight of evil, we shall see it.5

[1] Adnan was an ancestor of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

[2] Nahj al-Balagha, sermon 3

[3] Surah Mursalat

[4] Surah Rahman

[5] Surah Zilzaal

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