A Letter to My Beloved

A Letter to My Beloved
By Masooma Hydary

Through the thinness of the air
I gaze upon a beautiful and vast creation that is so rare
the wind that blows upon my face
My mind ponders with thoughts in a daze

The butterfly that spreads its wing and makes it journey
I can’t help but fall to my Knee
The mountain that stands still with all its glory
For any moment that passed without your thought, I cant help but feel sorry

I think of You day and night,
I wonder about your Almighty might

Signs of your mercy encompass humanity
Your beauty and majesty keep alive my sanity
Your presence is everywhere
And the delicate love you pour upon us is with so much care

I witness your love and affection
I yearn for an everlasting connection

I turn to people assuming my problems will be resolved on the phone
But oh Lord, you are my creator that never leaves me alone

My heart is never empty because with your love it aches
With every breath that my existence takes

Without you, I would be roaming about in confusion and doubt
Realizing there’s nowhere else to look but to follow your direct route
You give me all the blessings necessary to reflect
So I arrive at the door of your mercy with regret

I testify to your grace through the unfolding of a flower
How could I have been in denial of your power

In the most difficult times, I’ve sought refuge in none but you
The comfort of my soul is to you alone due

If we could understand the vastness of your love, if we only knew
Grateful to you then there wouldn’t be so few

Your mercy in hardships, your blessings in ease
Your bounties, your love, your forgiveness never cease

I fail to gather the words to describe the peace in my heart
Infused in your remembrance, I never want to part

Please guide me to perfect my love and service in your Path
And spare me from the evils of this world and your Wrath

Your love and bounties flourish the earth
From the very moment of my birth
The perfection and consistency of your creations
The mercy of giving us family relations
The mark of all nations
The cause for all food rations

Oh Lord, help me always turn to you every moment
Even if people mock me and make a comment
Let my undying love for you remain devoted
With the richness of your compassion let my soul be coated

I wish I could express to you my fear
Not of heaven or hell but for not serving you enough which I cannot bear

Thank you Lord for the strength of my mind to express this thought
And help evil whisperings and wickedness be fought

Ya Allah, for you I live and for you I breathe, for you I smile and for you I succeed
Without your mercy, without your blessings, without your reason, I cannot precede

Oh Allah Guide me in your way
Shine upon me Your Noor like the sun’s ray
May my lips utter with your remembrance
Let my presence be filled with your Love’s fragrance

Glory be to You I say
without your Mercy, I cannot live another Day.

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