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Iqra Online has been up and running since December of 2009 and over the last 2 and half years or so, has published numerous posts on various topics. While new posts continue to get published, it is some of the older posts that continue to get the most traction. Here is a list of the top 10 most read posts on the site to date:

1. Self Esteem in Islam  – By Amina Inloes

“Self-esteem” may sound like a modern, even secular concept, and many might question whether it has a place in Islam. After all, Islam teaches humility, not arrogance; and so, surely, the less self-esteem, the better. But while the hadith condemn arrogance, they do emphasize the importance of a healthy sense of self-worth – particularly the hadith from Ahl al-Bayt (A) which link the growth of the self with spiritual development.


2. Why Imam Mahdi (ajtf) is Not Here – By Nadir Hirji

The funny thing is that we expect our leaders, our representatives, to make things right, to make things better for us. Those leaders of ours were born in the same societies as we were, societies of lies and corruption, societies seeking success – success, in this context, referring to material affluence – by any means necessary. We expect our leaders to truly represent us, and they do, we just refuse to accept that a leader who does terrible things like plunder and invade other countries is a reflection of the society he was a part of. Our leaders are corrupt, selfish and ruthless because the societies they were members promoted those very same values.

3. Facebook Privacy Features Every Muslim Should KnowBy Ali Imran

With the continuous tremendous amount of growth that Facebook is showing, more and more information about the lives of people is being disseminated. Unfortunately, many individuals have been on Facebook for years, but are still aloof to how unprotected their profile and information is. Let me begin with a few best practices that all Muslim men and women should implement. For generalization purposes, this post will assume that both men and women have a standard Facebook profile with a couple of 100 friends, pictures and/or videos of themselves uploaded and have basic biographical information about themselves. The descriptions, assumptions or examples that I will relate do not necessarily imply that I agree with them. Also let us clarify one thing right in the beginning. No matter what you do, your name, profile picture, gender, networks, and username can be seen by anyone on Facebook and there is no feature that will allow you to disable this.


4. The Value of FriendshipBy Fatema Zaidi

As we seat ourselves down on the first day of class, our eyes wander about looking for seats that let us accommodate our friends with us. After an argument with parents, a friend’s shoulder is a comforting place to be. When accepting a proposal, our fingers jam away trying to text our ‘BFF’, where as her screams of excitement can probably be heard down the street. Let it be a classmate, a sibling or a spouse, a friend can be a significant aspect of our life. And with no surprise, Islam has given much importance to the value of companionship.


5. The Perfect Married CoupleBy Nishwa Gardezi

In jurisprudence, marriage is not compulsory in Islam; it is a highly recommended act. The institution of marriage is highly favoured by Allah (swt), our Holy Prophet (pbuh) and our Imams (as).  Islam promotes marriage and strongly discourages us from celibacy or bachelorhood. Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) stated on one occasion, “The best people of my Ummah are those who get married and have chosen their wives and the worst people of my nations are those who have kept away from marriage and are passing their lives as bachelor.


6. Karbala: The Everlasting StandBy AIM

What you are about to read is a story of a great man whose uprising has no like in the annals of history. A revolution with goals most sublime, a victory most profound and at its core a pronouncement of reform over conquest. The story of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet of Islam, and his ‘everlasting stand’.

After years of unjust tyrannical rule, the exuberant torch of Islam had turned into a feint glimmer kept alight by a devoted few. The religion had become nothing more than a tool in the hands of despotic rulers who shared neither its supreme teachings nor elevating principles.


7. The Essence of Dua – By Syeda Jafri

During a classroom session at the madressah discussing the significance of dua, why we must rely on dua, and how much Allah (swt) loves to hear us supplicate, one of my students very innocently asked me, “Teacher, when I ask Allah for something, why doesn’t it come true?”  Though this may seem to be a very simple and perhaps naive question, there is no doubt as to the validity of the question.  Many a times, we have asked ourselves why it is that our prayers and supplications remain unanswered.


8. The Hijab – Non Muslim Perspective –  By Lindsey Newton

The debate regarding the wearing of religious garb in public, specifically coverings worn by Muslim women has increased over the past few years resulting in a lot of controversy among those who agree with the practice and those who do not. Growing up in Brampton, Ontario I am use to diversity and being in community with people who had differing views and values, but I never took the time to understand these people and their practices. When the opportunity presented its self to further investigate my views on this topic, I thought the best way to break my misconceptions and understand on a personal level would be to conduct interviews with women in the same stage of life as myself, mid twenties working towards graduating university.


9. Mental Detox for a Change – By Sidra Batool

We spend hours and hours blankly staring at our computer screens for eight months straight (or more) only to discover a new layer of fat build up either in a form of a double chin, pot belly, or underarm flab! Legend has it that after your first year of post secondary education your average drops by 10% while your weight increases by 10lbs. Please don’t make the lose 10, gain 10 tale a reality! We’re better than that. In order to transform our physical health, we first need to cleanse our mental health. It’s mind over body now!


10. Fatima al-Zahra: Mother of the MessageBy Muhammad Habash

The life of Sayyida Fatima (a) was a life that was fully immersed in the Message of Islam, every breath of which was dedicated for the sake of Allah (swt). She exemplified every virtue and repelled every vice, hence being attributed with the names of al-Siddiqah (the truthful), al-Tahirah (the pure), al-Zakiyyah (the virtuous), al-Batool (the chaste), al-Radhiyyah (the content), al-Mardhiyyah (the one whom God is content with), al-Shahidah (the witness), and al-Zahra (the blooming flower, the radiant). However, the greatest of titles of this pre-eminent peerless woman is that which the Messenger of Allah (s) had conferred upon her: “the doyenne of the women of the world” and “the doyenne of the women in paradise”. Let us then immerse our selves into her life, and live it even if 1%.

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